droid 2 issues: widgets, calls, contacts

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by royaln, Nov 13, 2010.

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    Nov 13, 2010
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    hello droid community,

    i guess im stepping my game up to my first real smartphone and 2 days ago purchased the droid2 aka ipone killer!

    first off when i bought the phone and had the contacts installed i received numerous texts from my old phone that had not been working. oddly the texts showed the numbers they were from but not the contact name even though it was stored. the reps had never seen it but we wiped out the memory and re-installed the contacts and it seems to be working now..

    im not sure if this could be due to connection but i have the clock widget installed on my home screen with the big digital clock and date/calendar. It is stuck at friday nov.12 9:59pm and this post is saturday morning. not sure if anyone else has had this problem

    everytime someone calls me and i answer neither can hear the other. i had the other member try calling someone else and their phone was fine. everytime someone calls me there is no connection i guess. when i call it seems to work fine.. any suggestions as well

    i dread going into the store as the waits can be long sometimes so any help from the gurus here would be great..like i said im new to the smartphone industry and the droid 2 seems like a great phone despite the rough start i think will some tweaks we should get a long fine haha...

    thanks for the help!