Droid 2 Global Bootloader Issue!!!!

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by boilerman540, Apr 22, 2011.

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    I recently purchased the droid 2 global. I attempted to install the GB root update earlier today with no success. I got to the sd card update section after wiping cache / memory and it said it did not go through. I figured I would restart the phone, but at that point it brought me to the dreaded black screen with white lettering saying "Bootloader Error..." Battery OK, USB...etc"

    I looked up some possible ways to fix this issue by installing RSD Lite on my computer along with the bootloader files so I could at least get back to loading the original 2.3 or whatever.

    Anyway, I got to the RSD Lite, downloaded the drivers to recognize my D2, and got the bootloader file. So RSD sees my phone. I upload the bootloader file and click "start".

    First, I get this JUMP command error. I search the web and I see that the bootloader files need to be on the C: drive root directory. I try again.

    Second time, I get some 0x007 error cannot sync with phone. I repeatedly see online that people have had this code error due to RSD not having admin. rights (I am running Vista 64-bit). I make RSD has admin. rights and that it is on compatibility with Win XP.

    NO LUCK. Freaking out. In the mean time I have activated an old phone of mine so that I can at least call / text.

    Am I out of luck???? I just got this phone and re-uped my contract.

    I am a newb and have tried searching over and over again for help via other forums. I think it's time to post this and get this settled (if possible!).
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