Driod x + Me = Awesome !

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions & Site Assistance' started by LadyPhoenix, Sep 3, 2010.

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    First let me say, this forum is absoultely wonderful.
    It's great how everyone is so helpful.:icon_ banana:

    Now to intro me.. I was VERY VERY hesitant to get a phone w/o a literal keyboard as i had the LG Ally, I researched everything on the Droid X and decided to try it. Got it on 07/15.. Well... the phone is F A N T A S T I C !! The on screen keyboard is large enough to type. and i do type pretty fast now ! The font of the phone is big enough, I don't have to squint my eyes to read anything! Browsing thru applications & apps makes waiting in a line...short (lol), and I have streaming a few videos, quality is great.. Yet to use the panoramic camera and all the other fun stuff w the DroidX. Battery life, yeah that is a bummer but it is a mini hand computer.. right?
    I have not been excited abt a phone in long time, the Droid X def brought back happiness to getting a new phone.

    I know this is like being late to the party.... sorry

    Looking forward to offering my 2cents. I am in no way a PRO like the rest of you,
    but i share the joy of having a DXdancedroid
    PS - my sis who is a avid BB user. is also gettting DX cause she used mine and loved it !
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    Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay.