Does it exist? App to toggle "current Call" window with other running apps (non-root)

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    Does anybody know of any app that allows you to toggle between a current call and other apps?
    I tired both Switchr, Sidebar and a few others (pro versions). They all take you to the phone menu and contact menu when you select the little phone icon.
    If you have an ongoing call, you can't access that screen from Switchr or Sidebar. If you punch numbers for a pin number, for example, the dialer will
    show you the numbers thinking you're trying to start a second call. At least on the Galaxy S4, the only way to get to the
    current call is to slide down the notifications menu and select the current call from the list. The phone dialer can't be
    added to the multi-window either...Is there at least an app that allows you to minimize the "current call" window and leave
    it visible? I can't find any app that allows for 1-2 click switch from the "current call" widow to and fro other apps. It
    seems to me like a very important function. Isn't it? Help please!
    Galaxy S4 w/ JBean
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