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Discussion in 'Droid X Hacks' started by james23972, Jul 3, 2011.

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    Hey guys.. i have a question.. so i was on froyo ( 2.2.1 )... then i just happened to check for a new update on my DROIDX and saw a new update.. so i got it and turned out it was gingerbread! really happy bout that.. so i stayed with it for a couple weeks.. then figured out theres no root option.. so i looked at some videos on youtube to get root on gingerbread ( .596 ) and there wasnt.. so i SBF'd back to froyo and rooted with Z4root. all went very good! ( i was really shocked it went so well and fast , even tho that was my first time SBFing and rooting) BTW i SBFed via RSDlite.. then i went and got Droid2bootstrapper and did that.. then i downloaded the 3 parts to rooted GB and i flashed that via clockwork recovery.. ( that went very good ) well my real question is i want DEODEX so i can do themes.. ( i heard that deodex does this. ) and i dont think i have deodex.. so how can i get this on my DROIDX .. my system verison is 4.5.588 running on 2.3.3 thanks.. i need step by step instructions.. :) also im going to post a direct link to the video i followed to install GB rooted.. i got all the files from his description...
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