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    Hey all!

    Owned my droid 4 for close to 2 years now, never had to replace it. Rooted, re-rooted after upgrade, bricked and unbricked but all the while, still staying with stock rom. however, the device had become so bloated with my self installed "crapps" that it had become sluggish.

    so i took the leap, and now have cyanogenmod 10.2 running with adw launcher and i realized i miss 2 things the most.

    1. favorite/quick contact widget
    2. smart actions.

    so my question ; is there any way i can get my paws on the default .apks for the droid 4? if not all, at least smart action and that contacts widget will be good. i liked just being able to press and dial for the top for or swipe down and dial for those not in the top four.

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