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    Hello !!
    I pretty messed my milestone :( and in need of great help !
    I installed DroidX keyboard and replaced Stock android keyboard .(I backed up the stock keyboard)
    I tried to install Stock keyboard back and forgot to set permissions in the LatiNIME.apk in system/app
    I rebooted the phone and I tried installing it .. it failed:(
    so i factory wiped and cleared cache partition in my phone by pressing powerbutton+X in physical keyboard
    now I am stuck with a black screen and a error pop up saying"process"has stopped working try again later..I tried rebooting my phone..but no success :( still the screen is black :( no home screen nothing..
    so i am trying to put my phone in Debugging mode such that I can push my stock latinIME.apk in system/app and install the same.
    since I am unable to access the settings in my phone :( is there any workaround to put my phone in debug mode??
    i tried adb - devices and the output in command prompt is blank :(
    kindly help me in resolving this !! please :)
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