Custom Keyboard Sounds?

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    So today I've been redoing the sounds on my Droid X using Root Explorer. So far I've changed the lock/unlock sounds to the sounds of the doors opening and closing on the USS Enterprise-D. I'm basically making my phone Star Trek themed (the notification tone is hailing the frequencies sound) and I had this grand idea of replacing all of the keyboard sounds to the input sounds on the Enterprise!

    Well, after I renamed the original files (KeypressStandard.ogg) to .ogg.bak, and put in the new sounds with the exact same file names (just .ogg) and made sure I was on the Droid X's default keyboard and I tried typing away. Well, the sounds are the same. The keyboard keeps making the old sounds and wont use the new ones.

    How do I get it to use the new ones? Am I on the wrong keyboard? Help? D:

    Edit: I forgot to add that I'm using a custom ROM
    (Fabolous-X), but would this really change where the keyboard sounds are actually located? I'm not sure it would.
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