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    Hey Guys,

    I am fairly new to the Droid 2. I just got it a week ago. I installed Launcherpro + and Launcherpro Icons. Last night I set all of my apps to have the custom grey icons and turned my phone off.

    I woke up and turned my Droid 2 back on this morning and 4 of my apps (Pandora, FXCamera, Adobe Reader and Google Sky Maps) were back to their normal stock icons. I re-applied the custom icons to those apps by trashing the stock apps and then going back in to the app drawer and dragging them to the home screen and applying the custom icon.

    I then powered my phone down and then turned it back on. The Google Sky Maps app was back to the stock icon again and the other three are no longer in my app drawer. They aren't even installed on my phone anymore. The icons for them are still on my home screen but when I press them it says "Cannot launch requested activity".

    Any help would be great. Thanks.

    EDIT : I have re-installed everything and just powered my phone down. After turning it back on all of the apps are still installed on my phone BUT the Google Sky Maps icon is back to the stock icon. I noticed when my phone is loading everything on the home screen that the Google Sky Maps icon is the custom icon and then when everything is done loading the icon changes back to the stock icon.
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