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Nov 8, 1995 (Age: 25)
Philadelphia, PA
I work stock at a shoe store lol


Member, 25, from Philadelphia, PA

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Dec 25, 2012
    1. tb110895
      If you get the theme for widget locker and hit menu>add>Custom Slider, Hit the thing to select the theme and it should be in there somewhere. If you still cant find it, tell me.
      The circle folders do not come with white gb. They're called circle launcher in the market. Theres a free and a paid version.
      I pm'ed you the stuff. I don't know if they come in different colors, I havent really looked. I just snagged them off droid-life somewhere
    2. TheSwaggeR
      Sorry, have to use 2 PMs to get all this in. Ridiculous.

      The circle folders, they come with the White GB theme right? I'd like more info on this particular one.

      Wallpaper I can do without. I usually search for my own that isn't used by anyone on here. I like to stay original and unique on that, lol.

      As for PMing me the app drawer icon, dock, word icons that would be great! Shouldn't there be different colors for those as well? I see a lot of people usuing white over black or black over white. Would be nice to see more colors.
    3. TheSwaggeR
      Ok, I see the White GB theme. I've had Widgetlocker and Widgetsoid for a long time. Just didn't realize they finally had more themes through Widgetlocker for the lockscreen.

      Only downside is, I picked Minimal Mod locker, it won't turn into a Rotary locker. It's just a simple slide from left to right look. I turned on the Rotary Locker through my Liberty Settings but it didn't do anything. I've never seen that Liberty Locker settings ever do anything so I don't know what's up with that.

      Found Audio Manage before your PM back to me. Best part is all the different skins to pick from on the market. Thanks on that.

      Power control from Widgetsoid I already know that. I have different custom looks for that. Been using that forever.

      Didn't realize the sound widget comes with Liberty. I don't know why I'm not seeing the change on that because it looks exactly the same as the stock. I haven't applied any themes yet. I just flashed the Liberty 1.5 and used it as it was.
    4. TheSwaggeR
      Your post, on How are you rocking the Liberty 1.5, showing your screenshots and looking at each one. I'd have to say you have the nicest, slickest theme, icons, layouts and such that I've ever seen. I'm wow'ed by it. I'm actually trying to get it really close to what you have but that takes time figuring out what people use for different things on there.

      Care to tell me what your theme is? The lockscreen? The dock bar showing the squares as the App Launcher and the text icons used? The widgets showing alarm, media, alerts, ringer, system, voice? And lastly those big circle button icons showing Other, Social, Media, Tools? Do these theme come in different colors besides white and silver? Would appreciate this. I know it's a lot of questions but I'm always unsatisfied with the outcome results of what I try to do for mine because it's just not a top-notch look to me.

      Here's your screenshots to clarify my questions...

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    Nov 8, 1995 (Age: 25)
    Philadelphia, PA
    I work stock at a shoe store lol
    I love my droid 2! I'm a Sophmore in highschool and I think Im one of the youngest members at 15 :D

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