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    This thread will be updated with the current themes supported on both the website and in sourcery settings
    If it is on the website only such as Rockin Rainbows animations will still work as well as everything else it's all set up for you.

    Sourcery Blue (Settings and Website)

    Live Wire (Settings and Website)

    Gingerbread (Settings and Website)

    Blacked out (Settings and Website)

    Renovated (Settings and Website)

    Twisted Inception (Settings and Website)

    Luna Theme (Settings and Website)

    Watermark'd (Settings and Website)

    Rockin Rainbows (Settings and Website)

    Intensity Theme (Settings and Website)

    Urban Theme (Settings and Website)

    Incinerated Theme (Settings and Website)

    Black N Bold Theme (Settings and Website)

    Evolution Theme (Settings and Website)

    Infinite Cha0s Theme (Settings and Website)
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