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Oct 4, 2020
    1. Kimo91
      Hey Gflam, sent you a Pm
    2. huskermaniac
      Hey I got a couple of questions for the blackout theme. 1st question does your phone have to be rooted? 2nd how do you get this blackout theme on you phone? Please reply thanks and highly appreciated
    3. Poloki
      Hey, I just sent you a donation from Just wanted to make sure you got it. Keep up the good work with Eagle!
    4. sloppy octopus
      sloppy octopus
      hows it goin. i love your live wire theme. i was wondering how you have that glass dockbar with those 4 icon spots in the screenshots im finding. i downloaded the theme and everything is the same except for our dock bars.
    5. TaylorMcIntire
      How do you make your title bold?
    6. shakesbrice22
      I also sent this message to you via private message. If you could just reply on there that'd be best for me, thanks.
    7. shakesbrice22

      Also how do you get the "signature" option that some users seem to have on this forum site. I look under their profiles and see its under their about me tab but for some reason I don't have this and I would love to have a signature here.

      I think thats pretty much all I got for you now. If you don't respond I guess its fine but I would like to have someone on here I can go to to at least point me in the right direction.

      Thank you,
    8. shakesbrice22
      OK I have a few questions for you as I found your thread about how your making things for others and I don't really need anything made I really want to learn how to do the making so to say. I have steady over the last few months in my free time become a better and better droider and would love to learn how to do more. Currently I am just begining working on pulling and pushing files in/out of my droid and working on them on the computer (mostly .png files). My end point being I would eventually like to build a rom and/or theme. I would love to be able to question you from time to time for answers as I am bound to get stuck in the future.

      My questions now. What languange should I learn in order to be able to work on ROMS as I've seen a few names out there I don't want to waste my time. I heard Java is a good place to start, true? If so where do I go from there and what software am I going to need to work on files in my phone. Android SDK obviously but what else is needed?
    9. fish1552
      Not sure if this will help for your Unbrick thread or not but I wrote down the entire menu in SPRecovery to refer to when trying to help people fix things. That way I didn't have to reboot to read it. Indented stuff falls under that item in secondary menu:

      - reboot system now
      - apply
      - wipe data/factory reset
      - wipe cache partition
      - install zip from sdcard
      - nandroid
      - Backup
      - Restore
      - Advanced Restore
      Choose and image to restore

      Choose an image to restore first. The next menu will give you more options
      <followed by list of backup images>
      - partitions menu
      - mount /system
      - mount /data
      - unmount /cache
      - unmount /sdcard
      - mount /sd-ext
      - format boot
      - format system
      - format data
      - format cache
      - format sdcard
      - format sd-ext
      - mount USB storage
      - advanced
      -Reboot Recovery
      - Wipe Dalvik Cache
      - Wipe Battery Stats
      - Report Error
      - Key Test
    10. ChevyNo1
      Glad you like it, and thx!
    11. crazyjoker2
      do you make custom themes with logos and such? if so how much would a person need to donate?
    12. ChevyNo1
      Not something that can be changed 'on the fly' at this moment - however, I will likely release different versions of SS having the characteristics you list below ...
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