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    So I'm reading around about ICS and I'm very excited. From what Google has shown and what I've seen by playing with the Nexus and Verizon, I can't wait. However, like is being said, with the new OS will most likely come with some inherent issues, especially for those of us who like to root/modify their phones. Currently, the consensus seems to be that a Nandroid backup of a GB system will not correctly restore after upgrading to ICS. That being said, the only way to go back would be a full flash through the bootloader. Considering the locked bootloader on our phones, would it be possible to dump the phone OS, and all associated data to a PC and create a flashable FXZ? This way there would be a surefire way to restore the phone to GB, as well as retaining all apps/settings etc., if ICS was not someone's cup of tea. Anyone have experience or knowledge of this?
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    I'm not sure about making the FXZ file but I bet you could just make the backup anyway then if you want to go back to GB you could just flash the stock GB FXZ through RSD lite then restore the GB backup.
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