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    I'm confused about the ability to sync contact info between the HTC Incredible and my Gmail account contact list. If I enter info from the "People" app on my phone this data won't show up in my Gmail contact list. Entering in Gmail won't show up on the phone. It seems the phone wants to know if entries are for phone only or pertain to my Gmail account. Are there TWO lists to be concerned with? Can anyone explain how I should be entering this info so it'll sync between the phone and PC?
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    I have a Droid so my process may be different.

    My sense is some setting on your phone is not set to sync with your Gmail.

    I'm guessing that the "People" app on your Incredible is like the contacts app on my Droid.
    If I open contacts and tap menu I have options to search, new contact, display, accounts, and import/export. If I tap accounts I see general sync with background data and auto says "sync is on") (both are checked). Under manage accounts I see both of my email accounts(Gmail says. If I tap the Gmail it opens a new screen where I can sync contacts, gmail, picsa, and calendar. All four are checked.

    If I tap the display options I see only contacts with phones (NOT checked).

    Hope this is helpful.

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