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    Hey all. I got my Droid X at Thanksgiving at home in northeast Wyoming. No problems with connectivity, good hotspot connection. I was working in SW Washington state until now and had the POOREST luck connecting to the internet. Very frustrating. This is my third Droid to try and solve the dilemma. It would sometimes show 3 or 4 bars for Verizon strength and show 54 mbps for connectivity strength between my laptop and phone yet it would drop the connection constantly. In the apartment I could literally watch the Verizon strength meter go from 3 bars (3G) to no connection and back up. I work on the road and need to manage my bills and bank and keep up on communication. Is this a problem 1) with the Longview Washington (or various areas), 2) a problem with the Droid X or 3) some other concern? I have tested the laptop and have no problems connecting to any other sort of service. I was thinking that maybe I should look into a signal booster, but which would be best to invest in. Thanks.
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