Completely go back to stock, including recovery and system files

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    I want to revert the phone completely back to stock, including the recovery image, all the phone system files, etc. I am completely wiping everything and reverting it back to the state I bought it in.

    What is the best way to do this? Will a Verizon store do this for me if I've installed a custom ROM on it?
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    Don't forget to make a full nandroid backup first, and then copy ALL the contents of your
    SDCard to your computer, and then wipe/repartition the SDCard too.

    Also, take note, some of the Verizon people are getting rather wise to people using ROMs
    and they look at you real suspicious like when you bring them back a completely, utterly,
    stock phone. They expect it to have a certain OS version AND some personal history
    and data on it in various places, like home-screen shortcuts, phone history, text
    messages, etc.

    Handing them a phone that's been wiped is proof you know how to access what they
    consider off-limits areas. What I might suggest is that you wipe the phone, set it
    to the current OS version, and then put most of your private data back in. Then ask
    them when you give it to them if they could make sure they wipe it for you, and
    watch them do it. I've heard on more than one occasion that people getting these
    re-furbs are getting phones that have other peoples' data on it.
    Be well;

    P.S. If you put a ROM on your phone and the phone is now broken because of that,
    because, say, you over-clocked it, or anything like that, then please ignore my post
    because I do NOT support warranty fraud, which it could be argued that my post
    may encourage. You took the risk and it didn't pay off so please do not try to get
    something you don't deserve, such as an exchange.

    If you just ROM'd because you wanted options, and the phone still broke anyway,
    then I might suggest you carry on. :)
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