CASUAL Based Flasher For All Devices! Quickly Flash Kernels, Recoveries and MOre!

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    CASUAL is an opensource developer platform by Adam Outler that allows developers to make methods for all sorts of roots, mods, and exploits. Adam recently open sourced his java based program Casual and some great new developments have come out in the last few weeks. The latest creation is CASUAL Flasher by developers "Enricocid" and "Ivn888". This Program will work on Windows, Linux, and Mac since it is Java based. This tool allows you to flash Kernels, Recoveries, Radios, and Bootloaders. To flash files all you have to do is add the appropriate file for your device to the program, run the package, plug in your phone ensuring that usb debugging mode is enabled, and hit the flash it button. The rest of the process is automated. This is said to work on any device. Head to the Original Thread below for more information.

    Via XDA
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