Another One Click Root Method Emerges for the Galaxy Nexus CDMA or GSM!

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    Not everyone is comfortable for ADB commands when it comes to modding their device. For that reason some developers seek to make the rooting and modding process as easy as possible. Developer "AdamOutler" has developed a Rooting Tool that he calls Casual Root to help in your quest to root your Galaxy Nexus! The program is Java based so it will work on Windows, Linux, or Mac! This will be able to root your phone without unlocking it which means that you won't be voiding your warranty or wiping your phone! This program also has the ability to install Busy Box and ClockWorkMod Recovery all without unlocking the bootloader. Of course you won't be able to flash custom kernels without the bootloader unlocked. It should be noted that this will only work on 4.0.1 and 4.0.2.

    Via XDA

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