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    Ok so besides the fact that I am one of only a handful of people with this phone I have to say I did it as a favor to my mother. She was locked into Verizon hated the Casio but couldn't swap phones again. I traded her a phone I bought online because it couldn't be used on PagePlus and the Casio could so it was win win. Anyway I am disabled and had some surgical work done and haven't been leaving the house so I never seen the need to service on the phone. Now I am up and around more the phone has been flashed and I have gone through kitty wireless for airtime. My phone works, my internet works, 3g works, apps work. Each time I try to send a txt msg I get the following

    The process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.
    What why and how do I fix this? Any help will be greatly appreciated...
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