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    I have a new Maxx. I have the Verizon navigation dock. I ordered the MICAUXCAB cable Friday. I am unsure if the
    situation will change when I listen to music in my car via the mini usb, but when using the headphone jack, when I plug in the stereo mini jack the media volume automatically adjusts to roughly 50%. I can understand the reasoning when
    people use headphones, but in my car the volume level required to be set in the radio to compensate for that 50%
    level on the phone would likely blow my speakers or my eardrums if I switched to FM or CD on the radio without
    remembering to first adjust the volume.

    The issue is I physically need to increase the Maxx's volume specifically after I plug in the stereo mini plug and start
    some music. I rarely use headphones and I am in and out of my car constantly at job sites. I looked at a smart
    action, but only ringer volume and not media volume is listed. Is there any way to adjust the Maxx's settings to put the
    media volume at maximum when I plug in the car dock or a stereo mini plug?


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    Bump...I need to figure this out as well
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