Moto X Volume Problem

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    So for some reason I woke up today and my phone all the sudden has a bunch of volume problems. First off when I'm on the youtube app or music app and tap the volume buttons it does not adjust the media volume like it should it adjust the ringer volume. So I have to go to settings - sound - Volumes to adjust media volume but that is not it. When I go to settings - sound - volumes and adjust the ringer volume it does nothing to adjust the ringer volume except when I use Google Now via touchless control. When I manually press the button for voice activation Google Now and when I use the actual phone app the volume is stuck at one setting when I use the side buttons to adjust the ringer volume the dot will move up and down but will not move to silent. I know its strange.

    Recap: The media volume cannot be adjusted by the volume buttons on the side and must be adjusted by going into settings. When adjusting the ringer volume in settings the volume only affects touchless control. The volume for manual voice activation and for the phone app cannot be adjusted. When I press the side buttons to adjust ringer volume the dot moves up and down but will not move to silent. Pressing the side buttons does not actually effect any of the volume on the phone.

    This is with Android 4.4.2

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