cant get past m and swt up screen

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    Ok here is the drama have been running sorcery 1.2 and all is good. When to download my favorite ccroms kernel and got stuck on the m screen pulled batteryand went to reboot into recovery to go to a back up. When I tied to get to my backup I'm getting an error message saying it can't mount the SD. I reflashed back to sp recovery via computer and same problem. Was able to mount the SD on the computer but keep getting error message on the home computer the SD card is not formatted when I try to format. The card I also get an error message it can't be formatted.

    So now when I turn the Droid on I get the m followed by the touch Droid screen to begin when I touch the Droid the screen responds but is does not go into the set up kit just force closes and bootloops back to the m screen and the process starts all over. The red led on and on the screen in the upper left hand corner is android system. The screen is also start screen for the rom

    Any thoughts
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    What's the swt screen?

    Anyways, try doing a factory data reset and then see if you can boot into a custom recovery to restore your last working backup.
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