Can Pro users get the newest software release?

Discussion in 'Motorola Droid Pro' started by Goddessmiamia, Sep 20, 2012.

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    Hey Droiders - just wondering if any of you were able to get the newest software version that's out there for Verizon?

    I know I am on the "latest" version according to the Pro world because the OTA update says I am on the latest version, but there are other releases that are out there for the other phones that Verizon hasn't passed down to the Pro phones :angry: Grrrrrr

    My husband just got the Droid 4 and he's got a much better layout than the previous stock version and I wouldn't mind using his version. Right now I'm using GoLauncher just so I can use Pure Messenger just because I want a widget that shows me all of my email accounts in one place with a list of the new emails displaying.

    Is it so hard for Verizon to release the newest version of the software to Pro users so that we can use the stock email widget and view all of our emails on our screen without having to open an app and freakin download a new launcher, a new widget, and have to pay for it?

    Any suggestions guys/gals? Does anyone have a newer version of the stock software that I can download and install on my phone? I can no longer root my phone but I figured I could force an upgrade... maybe?:blink::icon_ devil:
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