Came from the droid x... SBFing after .621 killed it. Need Help with new Rezound

Discussion in 'HTC Rezound' started by ccsoccer03, Feb 24, 2012.

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    Alright, I'm not new to rooting. However, I am knew to HTC and from what I've read its a little more complicated doing things on HTC devices.
    I know you basically "HAVE" to unlock the bootloader to do anything useful.
    I know you PERM root the phone after its unlocked.
    I know theres a strange process to change roms. Something about fastboot,Recovery, I get lost here...
    I know kernels must be flashed a specific way... I don't know that that is or when to do it.
    I want to know what to do to maximize battery life. I've bought Juice Defender Ultimate already and I'm not going to use
    Can It be undervolted?
    Whats your best battery life?
    Should I get the extended if I'm not just constantly using it?
    What is the most stable Rom?

    I know I can probably figure out all this on my own, but I'd rather not go through the frustration of figuring something out that someone else already has.
    Thanks in advance!
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    This has all been well documented but I'll give you the quick rundown.
    You have to flash the kernel of a given ROM during the flashing process. So either before or after actually flashing the ROM use the command "fastboot flash boot <boot.img>" from a PC and you're golden.

    Maximizing battery life on the Rezound is all about shutting things off...which I don't do. I'd rather have chargers all over the place...which I do.

    Extended battery will add maybe 6-8 hours of life to the phone. Very useful if you're a heavy user.

    All of the ROMs out for the Rezound are fairly stable even the ICS ROMs.

    Hope the info helps. Don't be afraid to search around or ask if you need help.