Bulk pic uploading not working in gallery?

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    I'm having trouble uploading pictures to the wallpaper gallery. Using Firefox 8 with a clean profile I cannot upload pictures at all to the gallery. Using the latest version of Opera, I cannot upload photos either. With both browsers, I get the upload page, enter details, choose images, and upload (transfer) completes, yet when submitting I don't get the previews and details for review. It simply says uploads completed and refreshes to my member gallery, sans uploaded pics.

    The only way I can upload photos is in Internet Explorer 9. It seems the photo upload dialog is refreshed from that seen in other browsers to one unique to IE (IE detect script?). It only allows one pic to be uploaded at a time, which at least works, though is obviously slower entering details for each photo. Any explanations or suggestions? Do I need to PM an admin?

    Albeit, I haven't been able to test from another machine over the last few days. I'll try my old laptop tomorrow.

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