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Jun 9, 2010
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Jul 11, 2020 at 4:51 PM
    1. ThaSurgeonGeneral
      Been a while... I see your still pushin along... Sorry I NEVER got anything done on your boot animation. Won't happen again, let me know if you'd like any help from me, I owe you... A few! lol! Lookin forward to hearing from you...
    2. Yonnor
      It's all good man, I understand that real life takes priority over forums and such. I'm glad to see your OG is still going strong. lol I miss mine :( But I guess the D3 is pretty awesome now thats its rooted. I'm still rocking your Star Wars Boot Animation, it looks so sick on the D3 screen.
    3. Yonnor
      Hey man I haven't dropped by in awhile but I thought I'd say Hello. lol :) How've you been?
    4. djakrse
      By the looks of it, I'll be joining you D3 users myself soon enough. dancedroid

      AFAIK, you can replace the bootani w/o root via adb. Just push the anis to data/local. I suppose you'll need root to be able to play those with sounds, but I don't suspect that will take very long. :D
    5. Yonnor
      So looks like I won't be able to enjoy your awesome boot animations for awhile. :( I upgraded to the D3 the 7th and idk when we'll be getting root access sadly.

      If you need anything tested I now have an ASUS Transformer thats rooted though! Hope your having a good summer all in all! :D
    6. Yonnor
      Well I hope everything calms down for ya man, It's been oddly quiet without you around. lol We all know RL > Droid Stuff, so no rush. Take care of work and all 1st. I look forward to seeing you around once summer comes around. :) Goodluck with work and all!
    7. djakrse
      No, I've been too busy at work and home. I'll be busy for at least the next two weeks at work and who knows at home. I've got a guy who's going to create an audio for the plasma core animation if I can get him a new version of it at 18 sec. length. I also had another source of the Dr. Who animation I completed, but wanted to do something with it before I uploaded (can't even remember atm, lol). I've also got some wallpapers that were in progress or planned that I've put off for the time being. I knew the day would come when I didn't have time to work on anything, but it sort of snuck up on me. Woodyman has been developing his latest froyo rom and releasing betas, which I've spent all of my phone/play time to. :)

      I may upload some boot logos or something soon to bump the comic thread.
    8. Yonnor
      Hey man, how've you been? Any new BA's? lol :)
    9. Yonnor
      I'll pm the details too you. lol Don't wanna wall of txt your VM thingy.
    10. Yonnor
      Random Request. Do you make custom wallpapers? Lol
    11. Adjutant
      hey man i was wondering if you could help me, im having trouble running a on my droid 2
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