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Discussion in 'Android Support' started by baeswyn, Feb 8, 2014.

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    so i've been looking around and i see this problem has been around, but the solutions dont seem to work for me

    my phone will randomly close, and it always seems to happen when i try to scroll with my finger, its realy frusterating

    i have a razr m, from verizon the phone is 1 month old and i had installed 1 app, BBC but i removed it yesterday and i still have problems

    now i really dont want to use a 3rd party browser, and i have read over and over that they don't fix this problem even though people keep saying to try all the 3rd party browsers, cold boot the phone, on and on

    i rely on my phone a lot for work as i am away 10 months of the year and this has really got me worried

    also it happens on wifi not just 4g

    thank you for listening to my problem,

    edit: okay so i clicked on the top of the phone and there was a update button for google play, audible, and some other stuff i dont have any idea what it is but i think i fixed it
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