Broken Safestrap

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    Broken Safestrap - Fixed

    So I'm usually pretty good when it comes to safestrap, so something like this came as a surprise to me. I'm on the .217 leak, and running eclipse 1.2 on my safe system (love the rom by the way) and everything was running fine. Then I flashed the google now zip in the same thread as an add on for eclipse. Zip flashed fine but google now didn't work, no biggie, just shrugged it off.

    Now, however, when I hit the menu button to launch safestrap's recovery menu, all I get is a black screen. And I'm running around in my safe system, so I can't exactly uninstall safestrap and reinstall it. Also I'm on an ICS leak so I can't exactly sbf back to stock.

    So my question(s):

    Is there a simple fix?

    Will going through the methods of upgrading leaks solve this?



    Ran the safestrap apk and hit the install recovery button (despite already running its second system) and ran the installation script again. This fixed it.

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