Blur Server Account Inactive?

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    I bought my Bionic a few weeks or a month after they hit VZW. Everything has always worked. I did not get the first several updates for Bionic that were supposed to fix all of the connection issues many had. I did not have those issues, so I was not concerned that I did not get any updates.

    Then came the GB update. I did not get that either. A check for updates gave me "Check for updates is not available at this time. Try again later". I called VZW, went through several techs. I was transferred to Moto and went through several techs. They finally decided my Blur severer account was inactive and I needed to do a FDR. I did, and in a few hours I lived through 9 months of Bionic updates all the way to GB

    Fast forward to today. No ICS. Same message when I check for updates. Same track through VZW and Moto. I got the same your "Blur server account is inactive" you need to do a FDR. I did and ICS is downloading as I type

    The Moto level 2 tech can not tell me why my Blur server account keeps going inactive. He can't tell me how to check or monitor it either. I don't want to do this again for JB.

    I know there are several on DF smarter than any Moto tech. Any help on keeping my "Blur server account" active?
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