Bluetooth PC Remote App?

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    So far I've been exploring the possibilities of my droid, remote desktop, phonemypc, emulating, ssh, ftp, its been awesome. Office apps and all. This thing is practically a mobile pc. Can't imagine when it gets rooted!

    So on to my question. Is there an app that allows me to control my PC with bluetooth on the phone directly to the pc without 3g or wifi or internets? I use me pc as a media center with all my movies and whatnot, and forgo cable . I use a wireless mouse and keyboard but it isn't good enough. Id like to have a bluetooth remote to use, and if the droid works, that's one more thing I won't have to buy!

    I've sold my ipod, gps unit, old xbox with emulators, and replaced my pc for websurfing (except for pc specific surrfing) and this has been an amazing purchase. What else can I do with it??
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