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    i know that running the bluetooth radio consumes batteries like crazy, but i am a heavy listener to podcasts and audiobooks all day long. here is the dilemma....

    i have two bluetooth stereo headsets. a plantronics 903+, and an lg hsb-700
    when using the plantronics set, my droid x battery will pretty much last the day. when using the lg headset i am down to 20% by lunchtime. i am running the rubix 2.0 rom, using tasker for a few things in the background, using winamp for stuff i have downloaded, using doggcatcher for podcasts, and audible for books.

    my usage does not change, the shift from one headset to the next seems to be the only difference and the battery life is cut by a third.

    any ideas? other than just using the plantronics headset (it does not fit on my head very well)........
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