BlueAnt Q1 & Q2 Problems After OTA Fixed

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    I have an original DROID and have been ranting and bellowing a bit here and there about how every time an OTA comes out it screws up my BlueAnt (BA) voice dial functionality. It's been fixed.
    This is for anyone else with the same trouble.

    I get a BA Q1 and the 2.2 OTA installs and when I use the voice command when the dialed number rings the Q1 powers down! Sheesh!
    I call BA and they send me another but its the same and after some phone support it is aborted.

    A glutton for punishment I get the BA Q2. It is really a much better unit than the Q1 but the Q1 is no slouch.

    Then the 2.2.1 OTA hits and again I get a BT functionality anomaly. This time when the dialed call rings the BT button on the DROID dial pad changes state. The Q2 is still powered on but its on handset now. I hit the button and its OK. Sheesh again!
    For fun I try the Q1, no change in it.

    So I call BA tech support and rant how I have $200.00 in two head sets and I can't get happy. They run me through these steps and its all good now.

    First let me tell you I have done these things before but for the firmware. Maybe not in these exact steps.

    1. Unpair both devices.
    2. Do a battery pull while the phone is on.
    3. Reset both devices by tapping the volume up & down and power buttons at the same time. Not holding, just tapping.
    4. Upgrade the firmware on the ear buds.
    5. Put the battery back in the phone.
    6. Repair and test.

    :icon_ banana:dancedroidTHEY BOTH WORK! dancedroid:icon_ banana::):icon_eek:
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