Battery Optimization in Marshmallow

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    I'm curious if anyone has found the same things I have and want to get some input. I was digging around the Settings and found this lovely Battery Optimization area (pics below).

    Now, by default, everything that is set to be I plan to keep it that way because I don't really see any adverse effects. Now, I have some questions and possible concerns that I'd like to discuss and spitball around.

    - Has anybody noticed any adverse effects to keeping Optimization completely on?
    - Do you think apps will need more resources to force the user to turn these off?
    - I'm wondering if this is similar to underclocking a CPU. Where everything is optimized to the screen being off and once turned on it is thrown out the window causing apps to slow down on startup and constant crashes. Although, I haven't noticed it myself just a hypothesis to consider. And if someone is rooted...they could report some stats.
    - How long until app developers start pushing things to be unable to be optimized like Google play Services or if Google has shut that out. I'm being cynical a bit but curious.


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