Another Recommend a Camera App question ... with a twist.

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    I know there are several of these already, but I kinda have a specific standard camera app "defect" I want to try to improve upon. Since 5.5.893 the stock camera app was improved as it relates to operational functionality -- but not so much with low-light or pictures taken with sub-optimal lighting. Even 5.9.901 does not really add any radical improvement in picture quality in that area. Weird thing is my wife's Atrix 4G takes significantly better pictures in the same low light / sub-optimal light conditions, so I know Moto can put a decent camera in their phones. The built-in camera app takes great pics when lighting is bright and optimal, but if it ain't ... well you know. So at this point, I am going to assume the Bionic has a decent camera and that it is the application or some sort of image processing issue given the Atrix gives better results. So now to my question(s) ...

    While there are lots of camera apps, are there that improve the over-all pic quality in low-light or sub-optimal light conditions? I'm not adverse to paying for a good app, but given the 15 minute refund policy @ Android Market -- I need input as I can't really "test" to see if an app truly delivers.

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