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    After a hiatus of over a year I am back on Android. I was really into rooting and flashing before when I had the Droid X and briefly the LG Revolution. Recently I have acquired a Droid Razr from a friend. He had it bricked so part of the deal was If i could fix it then I could have it. I fixed it! So now I want to get back into root community. Quite a bit has changed since my days with the Droid X. I have searched and searched in multiple forums for a tutorial on what is all needed but unfortunately I wasn't able to find any.

    I am on JB and have got the phone rooted and would like to try the ROM game again but have no idea where to start. I see something called "safestrap" around but have no idea what that is and have no idea where to start. If anyone is willing to help or even point me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated. It feels good to be back just need to satisfy my urge to tinker with my phone. :)

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