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    When the phone gets hot, I'd go into settings / battery and see which apps are using up battery in the list. That may be a good clue what's going on.

    One other idea is that you may have a Google sync corruption issue. That can drain battery fast as the phone keeps trying to resync. Go into settings, and tap "Google" under accounts. If a Google account has a red circle next to it, it's having a sync issue. If you tap the name of the account you can actually see which of the individual elements are having a sync issue (if any are.) There are fixes for any of them; for example, if it's a calendar issue, you can go into settings / apps, under "All" look for "Calendar Storage", tap it and tap the button "clear data". This will wipe the calendar (so if you have any unsynced calendars, events will be lost), but Google sync will repopulate the events and the calendar sync issue will be cleared.

    Otherwise, if it's not that, and you've had this issue with multiple phones, you may want to think about it being an app problem - an app in the background may be using too much CPU. Again, that app could be listed in settings / battery, but you nay want to see if there is an app and you can live without it.

    Also, in settings / battery, when you tap the graph it shows you some more information. One of the charts is mobile network signal. If you see a lot of red there, that means you have bad signal and that will drain a battery fast. The phone increases power to the antenna to try to hold a signal.

    Anyway, I hope that this helps you diagnose the problem...
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