[APP] SuperBeam, Easy And Fast Way To Share Files Using Wifi Direct!

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    Phones are quickly becoming our go to devices for taking pictures. Of course the old saying goes the best camera is the one in your hands! Video cameras are becoming pretty high quality as well on these devices taking videos at 1080p! 8mp has been the standard for sometime, but the S4 is coming with a 13mp camera and that is going to make for some pretty large files. We love to share these pictures and videos with friends, but it can be a hassel to upload them to a cloud storage system and then send them to the link for them to download later. Wouldn't it be nice if we could seamlessly send files to other devices.

    Developer "Majedev" has created an app to make the task of sharing all kinds of files between devices simple and fast! SuperBeam uses WiFi direct to make file sharing easy. You can pair devices using QRcodes with the included QR scanner, or you could use NFC if your phones have that. This eliminates the needs for extra time spent clicking and manually approving connections. Of course you will be able to transfer files super fast since it uses WiFi direct. Some other features include switching to hotspot mode automagically for devices that don't support WiFi direct, it can use existing WiFi network connections between devices incase WiFi direct fails, allows you to share multiple files of any type, works with all 3rd party file managers, dark and light themes, and advanced settings.

    This has to be the easiest way to share files between devices. Grab this App from the source link below.

    via PlayStore
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