New [APP] SuperBean Allows You To Easily Wifi Direct Share!

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    New [APP] SuperBeam Allows You To Easily Wifi Direct Share!


    Super Beam is the app that allows you to just simply share your files across multiple devices on your wifi network. No more clicks and pesky manual approvals. Just quickly scan the corresponding QR code and begin downloading. Features include blazing fast transfer rates over wifi, pair the devices with QR code or NFC, share with devices that don't have superbeam with web interface, you can share single or multiple files of any type including photos, zip files, videos, apk's and more, support for Android 2.3 and higher, ability to use 8080 for all types of transmissions (this gives you better compatibility on restrictive networks, light and dark color themes, and more. This app is up and coming in the Play Store and already has more than 1million downloads. Head to the play link below for the download.

    Via Play Store

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