any way to show java applets?

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    Not sure that is the correct terminology but one of the main reasons I went with a smart phone/Moto droid 2 was so I could check the buoy reports on the fly, and the website that has the report has it in a java applet form(correct terminology?), I cannot figure out how to run it, nor can any of my i-phone or other smart phone buddies, not that we are experts by any means. Thanks so much for any assistance!! Here is a link to the site I am trying to access(this is not spam, nor am I affiliated in any way, shape, or form). I really appreciate any help and look forward to learning how to use my droid 2:). And because most of you are probably browsing with your smartphone, what I really want to see probably doesn't even show up to you, it looks like a bar graph showing every buoy along the west coast showing realtime, wind/swell magnitude/direction. Thanks!!

    Combined Current Buoy Wave Heights Summary
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