Android vs. Apple: what frustrates this Android Fanboy

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    Take a look at this article:
    Trove: The best stories picked by people who share your interests

    To recap: The title is, "Apple is About to do Something Brilliant." And what is this brilliant thing? Make an iPhone with a larger screen, possibly even a "phablet".
    How is this brilliant? Samsung has been making them for three years! A lot of folks laughed at the idea of a 5.3 inch screen in 2011, and Steve Jobs dismissed the idea entirely.

    But now that Apple is making them, it's a brilliant idea? What's so brilliant about playing catch-up?

    When other manufacturers started making touchscreen phones, they were described as Apple "wannabees". But now that Apple is following a true industry trend, no one's calling them a wannabe.

    And that's what so frustrating to me: to the tech media, everything Apple does is automatically "visionary", "brilliant", "years ahead", even when they are copying something that has been around for three years.... I don't blame the general media, but tech media should know better. It's just so irritating that you can't read a tech review without the item being compared to Apple--and the comment is always some variation of "well, it's no Apple..."

    I LOVE my Note II! The only thing I'd even consider trading it for is another Note.

    I'm not trying to bash Apple. I'm just saying that the tech media needs to stop assuming that everything Apple does is the best of the best before it even comes out.
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    The media seems to be favoring Apple, and even the government, with interfering with the Apple vs Samsung battle in favor of Apple.

    Since Tim took over, all Apple has been doing is playing ketchup imho. the Nexus 7 resulted in a smaller iPad, the iPad Mini, all the HD phones resulted in a more wide-screen iPhone, the iPhone 5, the colorful design of the MotoX and its pricing resulted in the iPhone 5c.

    Many people I run into that see my Note 3 refer to it as an iPhone. They do know it is different and even know the difference between Apple and Android, but the word "iPhone" is often used as a synonym for "Smartphone".
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    The fact that Apple still gets credit for being innovative after playing catchup ever since Cook took over is ridiculous. Other than their fingerprint home button, they really haven't done anything innovative. Even the fingerprint homebutton wasn't an original Apple idea, but they once again steal the spotlight.

    They make quality smartphones, but it's the name that's been carrying them the past few years and the media provides all the hype around it. We get quality smartphones from Android every year, but it always goes back to "how does it compare to the iphone?". The tables turned long ago imo, the media and general public are just hanging onto the brand that used to set standards, not catch up to them.
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