Android Studio - Windows vs Ubuntu vs macOS - why so slow on Windows?

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    Same SSD, the same project, the same version of Android Studio. Dual boot W10 and Ubuntu 17.10. On Ubuntu, Android Studio launches, loads the project and finishes sync and gradle compilation in 12-14 seconds, on Windows 10 it takes 53 seconds.

    Fresh install multiple times on both systems. Also, on a late 2015 iMac with system configuration almost identical to my pc, the times are almost identical to those on Linux.

    LE: After I disable windows defender for all folders with Android Studio, Android SDK and project folder and deactivate the Windows Search service, I reduced to 38 seconds.

    I still have a huge difference over the 12-14 seconds on Linux and MacOS. Fresh install of W10 with up-to-date updates.

    On Windows after the project is loaded, Android Studio does some gradle and sync compilations for more than 20 seconds. On Linux and macOS it takes up to 3 seconds.

    What is the explanation and how can Android Studio upload the project in Windows as fast as it does it on Ubuntu and MacOS? This happens every time I start Android Studio and open the project (later compilations are also fast on Windows, although Linux and MacOS are faster).

    Why is so slow on Windows?

    Is there any conclusion / resolution? Or is Windows really an Android & Java development avoided OS?
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    well, it is a different operating system. there are many things windows does faster you are just running something that will run slower.

    the reality is, there is absolutely no way to tell you without a whole lot more info about your system and what is running in the background. .