Canalys Marketing Analysis: Android Now Makes Up 48% of World Smartphones

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    Canalys released their newest marketing analysis, and it further solidifies 'Andy' as the King of smartphones wold-wide. According to their report, phones using the Android OS now account for 48% of all global smartphones. Furthermore, Android, was the number one platform by shipments since Q4 2010. It was the reason for the strongest growth this quarter. In a total market that grew 73% year over year, Android-based smart phone shipments were up 379% during that same time. Additionally there were particularly strong performances from Android devices in South Korea, where Android holds an 85% platform share, and Taiwan, where it has 71%.

    Digging deeper into the report we find that most of the growth came at the expense of Nokia. Also, interestingly, it turns out that although Samsung has done very well during this time as one of the biggest Android phone manufacturers, including shipping 421% more handsets than it did a year ago, Canalys still believes that they could have done better. They indicated that Samsung didn't fully capitalize on Nokia's "weakened state around the world", by using its global scale and channel reach to push Samsung products aggressively into emerging markets fast enough. You can read the full press release below for more details.
    Source: Engadget
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