Almost had an expensive data experience!

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    I'm on the VZW network, and for the past few years on the single line 5GB plan, which has worked out well for me. Lately I've been using Android Auto and the Waze app. I usually have about 1 or 2 GB to carry over into the next month. So, I noticed recently that since I am an Amazon Prime member, I can back up all my photos to Amazon Photos for free. I had about 3 GB remaining with 5 days to go, so I started backing them up. About an hour later I got a warning message I had less than a GB to go!!! I was like what the heck?? So, I called VZW and got a 55+ plan which has unlimited talk/text/data and they backdated it to the beginning of the bill cycle, and my total cost only went up about $1 per month. So, I go back to backing up my photos, and when it was all said and done, I've now used 28 GB of data this month! I can't even imagine what that bill would have looked like!

    P.S. Amazon Photos is not nearly as good as Google Photos in my opinion.
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    I haven't used Amazon for backup yet, but I have Google Photo's set to only auto-sync on Wifi. If I'm out and about and get a couple of good photos, I'll manually sync those over mobil data.
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