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    So I switched to verizon from att and got myself a revolution. After 2 weeks, I do love this phone. it is fast, it is pretty, the screen is just lovely and everything loads instantly for me.
    The battery sucks... I'm in an area where I do not get 4g yet, but even on 3g my battery is horrible. I will admit i do play with my phone a ton, but the battery is always dying or dead for me lately. It takes about 4 -5 hours to charge completely and i can get about 6 hours of use time off the full charge. but that is while i am using it pretty intensively.
    Also, i hate the lock screen. it is a "slide up" screen and it is not cool. It always lags a bit for me and i always end up hitting the buttons at the bottom and i just never got use to it.
    After 2 weeks i finally got brave enough to root my phone. It literally took me 4 minutes to download the programs and have it rooted. I changed the battery indicator to a cooler one, and i changed the lock screen to the aosp lockscreen, I wanted to freeze out some programs, but i didn't want to buy titanium backup pro, so i found anttek app manager and it works great to freeze or uninstall programs.

    I'm hoping my battery life will see a big increase with all the bloatware i froze. I will report back my findings in a week or so.

    Over all, I do love my phone, much more than I liked my iphone. I would buy it again in a heartbeat.:icon_ banana:
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