Access Widgets From Any Screen In Android

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    Widgets are very useful in our day to day journey. They enable us to check the weather, skip tracks in our music or podcast apps, read emails, check scores and more. The only drawback is we have to go to the home screen to access them. Flippr allows you to access your widgets from any screen without having to return to the home screen. This can be very useful when playing game or doing anything else that you wouldn't want to have to leave to return to the homescreen. Flippr is a small bubble that you can interact with that stays on top of all of your apps. You can access any widget from within this bubble. Touch the bubble and swipe to change widgets. You can organize your widgets into groups to make scrolling through more efficient. Swipe vertically to change groups. When the bubble is displayed you can interact with your widgets while still being able to fully interact with whatever other app you have open. This is a whole new way to multitask. Head to the Play Link below for the download.

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