Widgets On Your SmartWatch With "Wearable Widgets" App NO ROOT

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    With all the buzz around smart watches you are probably wondering what in the world can i do with a smart watch. Well besides finding out what the time is there is actually lots of stuff you can do on your smart watch. You can check the weather, you can check your email, you can check text messages, receive calls and the list goes on and on. Now you can add viewing widgets to that long list. A new app called Wearable Widgets allows you to put any Android Widget on your Android Smart Watch without rooting or hacking it.


    Setup is a breeze. All you need to do is grab the app, open the wearable widgets card on your watch, choose which widget you would like to send to your smart watch from a list of available widgets (all widgets on your smartphone), the app will then seamlessly send over the widget of your choosing to the smart watch. If you interact with the widget on the watch it will be as if you are interacting with the widget on your phone, so this is sort of like you are mirroring the widget from the phone to the watch. This app is free at the Play Link below.

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