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About to flash - last questions

Discussion in 'Thunderbolt Roms' started by jerrya, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. jerrya

    jerrya New Member

    Dec 12, 2011
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    Guys, I am sitting at work about to flash SoaB, and have done a few steps but want to be sure I am not missing anything.

    I have done a backup via Rom Manager (current rom)
    I am currently backing up via Titanium Backup (currently running "backup all apps and system") And will be doing "All new apps and newer versions"

    Just the last few questions:
    Do I have to be connected to a computer to flash the ROM, or will Rom Manager take care of that (download SoaB to SD card, right?)
    Do I have to flash a Radio? Everyone says I have the newest, so I should be OK ( I did the OTA update to 2.3.4), but that doesn't tell me if I should flash a new radio or not (If I do have to, how?)

    Thats the last of my questions. If I missed something in my backups as well, please let me know!

    Thanks again everyone, this site has been a huge help in getting Revolution to work (freaky easy) and all your patience with me has really shown the professionalism, eagerness to teach and encouragement everyone here has!