A few tips to make your MIUI experience better

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    Here's some quick tips for MIUI.

    At first I hated it. I'm kind of a picky guy. But it had a lot of nifty features that I didn't want to lose so I stuck with it. Now, a little over a day later, I love it and I'll be sticking with it for a while. Here's how I made my experience a ton better.

    1) Install the patch Fixes torch, marketplace, and camera (be sure to change camera resolution after you patch), thanks framework43! CLICK

    2) Learn some cool MIUI tricks, such as the ability to screencap without a 3rd party app, or turn on flashlight or music from lockscreen, thanks Damien! CLICK

    3) Customize that banner! Yes, the annoyingly persistent "Verizon Wireless" in the banner that cuts off the date can be removed or changed using the Extended Settings MOD, which also has some other cool tricks, thanks Andy Thompson! CLICK

    4) Upgrade your baseband to the latest version! Not sure if this will actually do anything for you, but it can't hurt, and it has been speculated that this will improve call quality, thanks razorloves! CLICK

    5) Speed up those animations! It's already blazing fast, but this will make it feel snappier overall. Just download "spare parts" from the marketplace, change "transition animations" to FAST, then uninstall spare parts (or keep it if you want). You'll notice things seem to move around more quickly. Just don't change "windows animations" speed otherwise you will lose the CRT animation (this is true for any rom).

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