$4 Smartphone Creator Arrested For Fraud Allegations

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    Remember the $4 Smartphone? Some things truly are too good to be true. The Freedom 251 was announced last year as a smartphone for the emerging markets. The "251" stands for 251 rupees, the cost of the phone. The creator of the $4 phone, Mohit Goel, has been arrested. He apparently took 3million rupees worth of orders and then only delivered about half of that. Other than the main order the company took pre-orders in February of last year with a promised delivery date of June. None of these orders have been fulfilled. A government investigation was launched to determine how Goel's company "Ringling Bells" would be able to sell a phone at just $4. Goel responded that they phone would be happily sold at a loss. Goel will soon appear in court following his arrest.

    via BBC