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4.5 Clean Rom Lock-Screen Issues

Discussion in 'HTC Rezound ROMS' started by billmcg, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. billmcg

    billmcg New Member

    Jul 8, 2010
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    Central PA, USA
    I have been having lock-screen issues that have been buggin me, - the phone is S-Off, Unlocked, Rooted - on the 3.14 firmware/radios and on Clean Rom 4.5 Standard - all of the mods/tweeks went fine no probs

    The problem is that i cannot change the wallpaper, or the shortcuts, which i believe was supposed to be an option on the Sense 3.6, it lets me go through the process of changing the wallpaper, but no changes are actually made - there is not option whatsoever to change the shortcuts.

    Right after the ROM loaded, for the first day or so, i was able to change the wallpaper. One day i wanted to see what the ASOP lockscreen looked like, and after switching to it and back again, i can no longer change the wallpaper, it stays on what is on the desktop.

    i guess it really is no big deal and i can live with it, but i am trying to learn the in's/out's of this phone and modding it, and it has been somewhat tricky, i want to be sure i am doing things right and understanding what i am doing, and why i can't fix this.

    i have downloaded the wipe script and used it, did a factory reset, reinstalled the ROM, and the problem still persists from a clean install, IDK...is something from the internal SD hanging around causing this?
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